Personalized Podiatry


As a LuxePodiatry™ patient our physicians are passionate about providing you one-on-one treatments.  You will receive an in-depth evaluation that properly addresses and treats all of your health concerns.  You will be seen at our private office in beautiful Jupiter, Florida.

What to Expect as A Concierge Patient

Your appointment begins at our Jupiter, Florida office with a discussion of your medical history and health goals.  One’s health and well-being are influenced by many different things, including lifestyle, family history, emotional health, and nutrition/eating habits.

Your appointment will then follow with a complete examination of your lower extremity.   In order to ensure a truly custom evaluation, our physicians will perform an analysis of your gait, posture and foot type.

Our physicians will then give you a detailed diagnosis and treatment plan.  We value providing all of our patients with highly personalized and compassionate medical and surgical management.

LuxePodiatry™ Concierge Patients Receive:

  • There is never a wait.  You will ALWAYS be seen at your appointment time.
  • 24/7 Secure E-mail access to your physician
  • Option of office, gym, boat or house call visits. 
  • Remote Telemedicine Services.  We know many of our patients lead a busy lifestyle and cannot make it into the clinic. A video consultation may be possible. After your initial visit, follow-ups can be conducted through phone and e-mail messaging services.  These services are also available for patients that live anywhere in the state of Florida or New York.  HIPPA COMPLIANT
  • Customized Treatment Programs
  • Foot Typing to Diagnose and Treat Specific Functional Lower Extremity Conditions. Your specific foot type and gait pattern will be discovered in order to finally reduce and eliminate foot and postural pain, improve your sports performance, help correct deformities and prevent continued degeneration of bones and joints.

Insurance for Concierge Patients

As a concierge or direct care patient, we are dedicated to providing you with superb and prompt customer service.  In order to provide detailed care, Dr. Suzanne Fuchs is an out-of-network provider on major insurances and is not restricted by insurance policies. This ensures a pure doctor patient relationship without interference in your care from third parties.

We will work with you to provide the necessary documentation and billing to submit to your insurance if you qualify for reimbursements.

Please contact us for details on pricing and becoming a LuxePodiatry direct care patient.


Dr. Suzanne Fuchs has made it her mission to have a pure patient-doctor relationship while practicing compassionate and ethical medicine.  This is based on several things including trust, liberty and innovation.

A direct and pure patient-doctor relationship means no third party influence.  By having a transparent system, she will continue to give you all the best state-of-the art innovative surgical and non-surgical treatments.  Dr. Fuchs  will continue to provide exceptional care at a fair and affordable cost to her patients.

Please contact us for details on pricing and becoming a LuxePodiatry direct care patient today.


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