Before deciding on foot or ankle surgery, your doctor will try several non-surgical treatments to relieve the pain or inflammation in your foot or ankle. At LuxePodiatry™ we provide many non-surgical treatment options for our patients.  Here are three non-surgical treatments that are easily performed in our office with […]

3 Non-Surgical Treatments For Foot & Ankle Pain

They say your eyes are the windows into your soul. This may be true, but your feet are two important keys to your health and longevity.  Your feet not only support your entire body, but can provide crucial clues about your overall health. As a podiatrist, I have observed that people […]

Your Feet Can Provide Life Saving Clues To Your Health

Healthy Foot Care Hacks Dry, Cracked Feet Whether our feet are exposed to the elements like cold/hot weather, running on them for miles or stuffing them into tight stilettos.  It is not a surprise that dry, cracked skin is a common complaint.  Dry skin on your foot can be unsightly and embarrassing.  It […]

Healthy Foot Care Hacks

One of the basic characteristics of ballet dance is the external rotation of the dancers’ legs, aka turnout. A popular style of ballet is pointe which is danced on the tips of 3 toes.  Pointe shoes have a reinforced toe box that is flat on the tip, creating an even surface […]

Injury Prevention For Dancers

As leading podiatrists in Palm Beach County, we utilize traditional methods and state-of-the-art technology in combination with excellent clinical skills and treatments. Our exceptional and unique approach to patient care has made our doctors pioneers and a leaders in their field. We are here to help you improve your quality […]

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